Update: Ground [various areas]

I’m going to update this as I go tonight, so won’t have any set title – because I’ve no set plan for this session, just progress, but first:

A frame of lastnights grass animation

Tuesday 4th February

I noticed that the road actually goes through the building, this will be for the delivery trucks to enter and exit the warehouse – and I’m going to keep it like that, for an indoor map that allows players to bring vehicles into the arena would be an interesting element – be it heavy weaponry, or a vehicle full of backup!

To the right we can see the terrain elevation dips from one end of the building to the other, where the drive through road will be.
If we look closer, they’re not lined up in height: as all these objects are locked to the Terrain heightmap, I can only model upwards.
For the meantime, I’m going to leave it like this, so I can easily access the Ground beneath it
This will form part of the transition from the Road into the interior map.

I’ve got ideas for Sheffield Central Delivery Office, so this will become it’s own post.
For now, I’m keeping it miscellaneous


Not all buildings on the map are named, some have the generic name of element.# – these are lesser known buildings that haven’t been indexed on openstreetmap
For these buildings, I have made an agreement with myself that I will have complete creative control over what they are used for: these are so if I need to go straight into modelling without worrying about real-world accuracy, I can. These are where the storyline will take place.

What fun can I have with this?

Throughout the story, there’s a benevolent, omnipowerful biological engineering firm, Burner Security; they specialise in organic weapons of war -genetically engineered supersoldiers. They’re the bad guys.
This set of three buildings would be ideal for one of their laboratories:
Offices, Research and Chrysalis chambers for cloning.

This multi-floored, interior map will be intense!

Much of this building will be hidden from view, accessible from within other buildings at certain points.

The buildings intersect in a way that I can merge the buildings on the street and model in hidden entrances to the element building

There’ll be lots of hidden places in this game: I want one of the enjoyable elements to be urban exploration.

Time to sleep

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