Superficial veins of the arm – Greys Anatomy [reference]

I’ve taken a photo from a copy of my Grey’s Anatomy medical reference book, and attempted to model it in 3D.
I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet, but thinking something educational.
I’ll update this more later.

Music is the (current) latest 5 uploads by Skywatcher Music rolled into one video:

Current study: Blender 2.81 – Spiders and insects creation from scratch.

Don’t worry, there’s none here!

I’ve taken a bit of time today from architecture and vehicle design to study some new skills and workflows, specifically spiders and insects: I want to practise with modelling organic subjects as well as man-made.

I deliberately didn’t include the preview image for the course because the thumbnail contains spiders.

I’m not affiliated with the course tutor, and earn no commission from sales or promotion, but this course is fantastic and I want to share it with you all, and for the next 4 days – you can get it for £10, rather than £100.

You can check out the course here: