Sheffield FPS: Reprise

It has been way too long since I’ve worked on this, and a trip into the city centre had inspired me to pick up where I’d left off with the project: which insofar has been work on a few buildings, no actual gameplay implementation…yet.

Naturally, I will have to carefully consider the plot-line – masked protesters amidst a war within the city doesn’t feel dystopian anymore, it’s practically a reality.

This is a short video demonstrating the process used to import the base character from the Armory first-person template project into the 3D representation of the map.
Really, it’s a compilation of the past week or so’s screen recordings that I hadn’t done anything with.

And this is it working!

In between these two videos, I’d also done a calibration live-stream, in preparation for future development streams, in which I had one mystery viewer observing the whole show, and I have no idea who it was!

I haven’t embedded it here because it isn’t so integral to the story that it needs embedding, and if I were to episodify them all, this it would be a pilot episode, or a dress rehersal: feel free to have a watch, though.

Cooking with Moumita – Jackfruit Prawn Curry

We never expected to make this, but a trip to the local market – and all the impressive, fresh ingredients – we stumbled across Jackfruits.

I’d wanted to try them for some time, and Sayanti spotted them on a little stall – we had to try it, and make a video for you – especially with Durga Puja just around the corner!

This is also our first attempt at editing ‘live’ with different camera angles, one of our shortest videos, and you know what?

Lately – I’ve been lazy on here, and not bothering to even post articles anymore.

Well this one I’m going to, just not right at this moment – but this is a great chance to do an OBS write up about how we set it up – because it cost me a sleepless night, and I don’t want it to cause you one too.
Just, not today…

Those looking for the recipe will have to make do with the raw text of the subtitles file

00:00:32,366 --> 00:00:33,867

00:00:36,503 --> 00:00:38,005
Ami Banglay Gan Gai - Bengali Music

00:00:39,656 --> 00:00:41,158
Grate a red onion

00:01:08,085 --> 00:01:09,586
Slice chillies lengthways

00:01:22,983 --> 00:01:24,484
Mix Garlic, Ginger, Tumeric and Curry powder

00:01:48,942 --> 00:01:50,444
Add water to mix into a paste

00:01:59,720 --> 00:02:01,221
Add Tumeric and salt to prawns

00:02:13,150 --> 00:02:14,651
Folk music, flute & dotara, bangle music
8 00:02:18,005 --> 00:02:19,506 Put oil in frying pan 9 00:03:14,361 --> 00:03:16,179 Fry the onions until golden brown 10 00:03:22,686 --> 00:03:24,187 Lower the heat and add the paste 11 00:03:27,758 --> 00:03:29,259 Add the Jackfruits 12 00:03:43,240 --> 00:03:44,741 Add the rest of the paste 13 00:03:58,655 --> 00:04:00,157 Mix in the prawns 14 00:04:13,303 --> 00:04:14,805 Add in a little water 15 00:04:29,102 --> 00:04:30,604 Add the sugar 16 00:04:35,091 --> 00:04:36,593 Cover and keep on a low heat 17 00:04:43,867 --> 00:04:45,368 (Optional) Edit into a video 18 00:04:47,604 --> 00:04:49,105 Add and mix ghee

Criminal UK set [fan-art/speedmodel]

An attempt to recreate the set of Netflix’s drama, Criminal UK, there’s no texturing in this video, it’s all mesh shapes.

The layout of the show in other geographic locations is much the same.

Background music is the theme song slowed down 6x with the Paulstretch addon for Audacity.

I’m not affiliated with Netflix, and just wanted to pay a little homage to this show. Netflix subscribers can watch it here:

The .blend file is available to anybody who’d like it.