Building: Costa Coffee, Norfolk Street.

Set to a backdrop of classical music, this has hints of drinking your favourite hot beverage in your favourite coffee shop with a good book and some cultured music to wash it down with.

There’s so much more history to add to this, including the upper floors, so that patrons can look out of the windows onto Peace Gardens and the the Town Hall, and the Prudential Assurance text at the very top of the building.

Beside Costa, is the upper portion of Channing Hall. –

Music: William Tell Overture by Rossini. –

I’m not associated, affiliated or representing Costa Coffee, and their logo does not appear in this video.

2D in 3D [two days]

This is a rollover update, since there wasn’t one yesterday – but there’s enough content to today. It’s my last foray with 3D space for a couple of weeks while I hunker down and really get to grips with Grease Pencil, so that I’m able to produce quality animation: I’ll also need to figure out where in the universe to fit the story.

This is further experimentation in which I try to simulate 2D animation using a camera moving across the city in 3D space, and also one with sound if you watch the ending at half speed. I’ve applied the free Eeevee Comics Shader (v3.0, by Paul Caggegi to most (or some!) of the buildings to look like they are printed, like comics.

The motion is the same camera motion around the city as I used on one of the Skywatcher videos – if it looks familiar to you, except it looks a lot different now!

I wanted to capture depth but not make things look too busy; so the anonymous buildings I’ve not completed yet can blend into the background.

The frames

Let’s have a breakdown of them

With such a large scene as this, it’s difficult to control the lighting and the shadows of what the camera sees, so I’ve parented a light to the camera – so that whatever is in shot is well lit.
You can see the light falloff at the corners of the building.

I’ll finish this later!

Skywatcher Music [screencast/video]

Some of you may remember that some time ago, I made a vow to produce a music video for one of Sheffield composer, Skywatcher Music‘s tracks.
Here’s a couple of little progress videos I’ve made centered around the orange Broadstadium3D models from 3D Warehouse.

Today, I finally completed the first, and actually had enough screencast footage for a second video, so why not?

Skywatcher Music – Chrysippus Allegedly Died Of Laughter

The second video is all screencast, and starts with me completely breaking Adsetts Building (though I didn’t realise that’s what I was doing at the time) – in the preview image above, you can see that it’s too big and floating off the ground.

Skywatcher – Platysma

Building: Winter Gardens

Firstly, thanks to Sticky Pearls for allowing me to use their track, Piano Song!

This is a quick modelling of the roof of The Winter Gardens in Sheffield.
I’ve yet to build the large wooden ribs, and have tried to capture the three-tiered shape of the glass.

In this video, there’ll also be some very rudimentary cropping of some textures for a collection pack I’m putting together for UK urban environments.

This will be a free, regularly updated release, and available here and github….at some point.

Building: Charles Street / Genting Casino [screencast/UV Mapping Basics]

Music: Filamenta (Original Mix) by Microtrauma (Released on Einmusika Recordings)
I’ve no rights to this music and have used it to teach the you the basics of UV mapping without permission.

We slow things down a little, and relax to some nice tech beats while texturing Charles Street car park, the ‘Cheese Grater’ as it’s oft known by locals.

These are base paintings and will be elaborated upon later , adding finer detail in both the image texture, and the mesh it envelops – but for now, we’re just wrapping the images around a box – and telling our UVMap which portion of the image our faces have wrapped onto it.

These models lack detail because I don’t want to get too fixated on one building when there’s a whole city center to bring to life – as well as ragequitting, this is why I’ve made the decision to put the Genting entrance on hold for the time being and work on another building.

Final render from this view for some time.
I’ve raised the roof of the Cheese Grater to make it look more cube shaped.

Currently trying to model at least one basic building to the point of some resemblance every day.
Won’t take too long, eh?

St. Pauls Tower [screencast/game asset]

To call this an Episode would be a tad unfair – there’s no dialogue per se, it’s a compilation of screencast segments where I’m making an attempt to texture one of the most icon buildings in the city center – with the tallest building there is.

I wanted to use the music from the end of my last video, in which we walked around the city a little – so in this video, I’ve used the whole song to show some screencast footage of building it, the clips aren’t really in any chronological order, more a stylised arrangement to the music.

Spoiler alert:
The video dramatically ends with an Armory error message fade to black.

Uniform receiveShadow not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.
Uniform envmapNumMipmaps not found.
Uniform receiveShadow not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.

As a chaos magickian who loosely holds a belief system which involves being your own God (or at least convincing myself I am during gnostic states): switching on the lights should be some day one shit.

In the last video (Episode 2), I was able to export the city to the Armory engine, but pardon the pun – it was very foggy.

Now, we have a Skylight, we need to tell the game engine which objects give out light, which receive light, and what objects cast and receive shadows – so it knows how to dynamically interact with it in our game environment.

Thanks for reading!

Music: David Guetta Ft Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Buzzby & Dane Robson Remix)
Big thanks to Dane for letting me use this track.