I’m David Fogg, I live in Sheffield, and sometimes post under the mischievous online alter-ego, Dave Thefan (an old nickname of The Fan that blurred into a moniker): at times, the two coalesce into each other, and it’s difficult to tell where the lines blur.

Some places, I’ll often refer to the entity of Thefan as ‘we’, as if we are seperate people – he’ll often star as a voice actor, be credited as an editor – but he is me, taking up extra space on the credits sequence; he is the grasp of the young idealist, anarchist punk within me who just won’t rest – he’s a creative outlet who brings relief to the stressed, serious bill paying, steady thinking, logical brain: Fogg.
Thefan is the need to get that idea out of my head and into the world so it stops rattling around my brain.
He does have a YouTube channel, too – but he’s been mainly inactive. I won’t link it here, let’s keep it SFW please.

My ambition is to progress into an actual physical home studio, and demonstrate the same openness towards development of projects in an open, educational environment.
This is a purely hobbyist project.

I have a full time job that I love and have no plans whatsoever to change career.

If you must contact me, you can reach me at dave@thefan.uk