Sheffield FPS

Sheffield street map data imported into Blender using the blender-osm plugin.

This is a proof of concept first-person-shooter I’m working on based on OpenStreetMap data of Sheffield.

The picture you see above was generated using the premium version of blender-osm – which is available on the developers’ gumroad page: prokitetura.

I will go into much further detail about using this plugin in later posts, as it is a core factor in producing our maps, and will also look at a couple of alternative (free) methods to use.

I’ll be documenting my progress, what I’ve learnt and musings in the form of a devjournal: not just for the maps, but the entire game production process.

I’m no stranger to 3D software, but this will be my first video game project; and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you, and hope that as well as creating a high-quality, immersive game on as little budget as possible – I hope that having a transparent and public development process, I can help other people learn from what I’ve learnt, too.

Currently, it is being developed in Blender Game Engine due to hardware constraints, I’m using a netbook which will not run Blender 2.8.
Once I’ve overcome this obstacle, I’ll be working using theArmory engine, which is absolutely fantastic: except my little Toshiba NB250-10G can’t handle the crunch when I try to run the game. Not that it’s a bad machine, it’s served well over the years, but this is too out of its’ league.
The ambitious idealist in me would love to carry on developing a BGE version too – because people with crap computers need to game too, right?