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Sheffield FPS

This map is regularly updated when new buildings are worked on, so rather than keep forgetting to upload a recent edition of the file, I’ll store it on github to keep it current.

sheffield-fpsModels of buildings, roads, terrain in .fbx format, .blend file, textures.
FPSUnreal Engine 4 project file.

YouTube Subscribe Idents

blend fileThe entire scene information, but no rendered frames.
– 3x Subscribe idents (1/4) size – transparent – PNG
– 2x blend files
– Bebas_Neue font file
Full screen idents2x 1920×1080 idents.
Transparent PNG image sequence
Rendered with Sheepit

Low poly street assets

These are designed to be used with the Simple Asset Manager for Blender addon.
You can download the assets from this zip file, and it contains:

There’s a .blend file of the ‘Waiting for the bus…’, 360-degree video inside the zip file – as a template, so you can record your own VR videos using the camera from the scene.

I’ve included fonts from*, so that you can easily edit your own signage in the actual fonts used on UK roads.
* – Redistributed under the Open Government Licence v1.0

To install:
In Blender -> Preferences -> Addons -> Simple Asset Manager ->
Select the folder where you extracted the zip file to in either your Master or Local library path, and save your preferences – and press Render Missing Previews.
In your 3D viewport, press N and you’ll see it under the Tool shelf.

Irungattukottai (Assetto Corsa track) – WIP!

2022 Update
The version below is the legacy version and won’t be updated, I talk a bit about it in the above video – but the current WIP version can be downloaded on the link below:
Madras Motor Race Track – Irungattukottai (Assetto Corsa track) – WIP

This version is being created with Race Track Builder instead of Blender

Last updated 9th September 2023:
✔ AI Splines, so you can now have a race
✔ Tidied the road up so it’s smoother to drive on – and you don’t randomly fall through the track.
✔ Minimap
✔ Some details on the title screen


Download the .zip file here – this contains the .blend file, and the files needed to be placed in AC’s ‘tracks’ folder for it to run.
If you want to make any changes, you’ll need to use Blender 2.76 to Export to KN5, with Hagn’s exporter addon