Blender/Unreal – Importing roads, buildings and terrain.

Using the map of Sheffield I created using blender-osm, I’m individually exporting each element to .fbx, and importing them into the Unreal engine. Because all the locations have been applied, I can just set their locations to xyz, 0,0,0 and they’ll fit perfectly into their geographically accurate place in the map.

There’s a musical speed playthrough:

Or a longer, realtime version from the livestream (2hr 21):

24hr Livestream

We should call it an attempt, I only lasted 23hr 15!

A (first) attempt at a 24 hour livestream, in which I draw a crap walk cycle with my mouse, and then work on the Sheffield map, and try to import it into a game engine – for 24 hours.

Here I’m creating a fictitious nightclub on the outskirts of the city for some story arc.

My OBS crashed part of the way through, so this is broken into two parts. The second part was made unavailable, but you can find it on the link below.

Part 2

Fan Art : Bass Brain

I made this while vibing to BassBrains’ first stream tonight, and didn’t get creepy enough to try and find pictures of Bass Brains’ face to make an accurate model of him (that would be weird, right?!).

This is the entire split-screen footage I broadcast on the Zoom call. I opted for the equipment he’d be using at the time and tried to recreate his environment.

I took an (un)educated guess, and imagined that the equipment used was the Pioneer DJM-900. Yes, I know the decks are missing and that defies the whole point, but I were high on gin.

I couldn’t use the mix I was originally listening to, because that was still ongoing, while I was making the video – so the audio is _another_ livestream mix:

BASSBRAIN | Kerst TD 2020 | Livestream

A bootleg video of a bootleg audio. How apt.