2D in 3D [two days]

This is a rollover update, since there wasn’t one yesterday – but there’s enough content to today. It’s my last foray with 3D space for a couple of weeks while I hunker down and really get to grips with Grease Pencil, so that I’m able to produce quality animation: I’ll also need to figure out where in the universe to fit the story.

This is further experimentation in which I try to simulate 2D animation using a camera moving across the city in 3D space, and also one with sound if you watch the ending at half speed. I’ve applied the free Eeevee Comics Shader (v3.0, by Paul Caggegi to most (or some!) of the buildings to look like they are printed, like comics.

The motion is the same camera motion around the city as I used on one of the Skywatcher videos – if it looks familiar to you, except it looks a lot different now!

I wanted to capture depth but not make things look too busy; so the anonymous buildings I’ve not completed yet can blend into the background.

The frames

Let’s have a breakdown of them

With such a large scene as this, it’s difficult to control the lighting and the shadows of what the camera sees, so I’ve parented a light to the camera – so that whatever is in shot is well lit.
You can see the light falloff at the corners of the building.

I’ll finish this later!

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