Edit: The video is complete and is now online

I appreciate it has been a while since my last post, and the time before that – there was a long delay too. I have not given up on the project, and have been working on a video for a week or so – the background track I had used was rather longer than expected, and rather than truncate it – I wanted to ensure that I had enough content for a full, animated video.
The video will use a few different looks, a few re-used motions rendered in different NPR (non-photographic rendering) styles of toon look.
Spoiler alert: There’s a lot of fluid simulations, which use computer-generated physics, and look impressive – but take so long to produce

I have spent whatever time I have available studying 2D animation like crazy, barely sleeping because I’ve been awake absorbing so much theory and knowledge about the process.

I’d like to say that I’ve not been taken off track with it, and that I’ve been fully focused on my game – the thought has always been in the back of my mind how to integrate them; how a show with the characters would work as a cartoon, and my thought was that I always wanted to make the cartoon dark: not as in low brightness or sombre, but with a dark storyline.

A change of tone

As much as I love sci-fi dystopia, and enjoy world-building a society that is deconditioned by war, destruction and fear: a near-future city ruled by corporations and higher powers, our city – I will be taking the site in a different, more uplifting direction for a while.

With the mysterious, invisible killer, Coronavirus being on everybodies minds and mouths at the moment – it’s clear that we are entering troubling times – where the entire country may be placed on lockdown because of this health crisis, and to plot and describe an environment of panic and peoples struggle to survive in an uncertain climate will not feel like science-fiction: It’ll be going on in our daily lives, and will be so raw that it’d hit too close to the bone, and would feel more truthful than the escapism of entertainment that it is intended for.

For the forseeable future, while I will still be working on the game – I will be posting a lot less about it; I feel it is my duty as a content creator to produce content that will invoke positive emotions, and I have made the design decision to make and post more inspiring creations of a more varied nature.

I want to make things that will brighten peoples day in any way possible: while before, my intention was to inform and intrigue: as long as there is a pandemic, and peoples spirits need raising – I believe that is where my skillset needs to be put to use.

I wish everybody the best of health, and to stay safe.

A rendering fluid simulation

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