Idea Exploration [Whatsapp/AudVis]

Todays video is a visualised explanation of how Sayanti and I explore ideas over Whatsapp; we’re quite experimental in how we create together, and are always looking for an efficient way to communicate our ideas remotely.
These are new characters, and we’re trying to develop them and give them the backstory that will form the foundation of the plot.

This, wasn’t one – it was a long and slow process – but the end goal is to show you how to do it, so it’s worth it!

The process

I first login to Whatsapp Web on my desktop computer, so that I can download the audio files (and record and type on a real keyboard!)
Then drag and drop them into the Blender VSE (Video Sequence Editor) and arrange them.
I’ve put the two voices on separate channels to help transition between the two.


AudVis is a cheap (in price, not quality) Blender addon that visualises audio data – I’ve used it here to generate a waveform effect as if something is audio only.
In the GIF you can see the full scene, and how it’s linked to the cubes.


The music used is from a site I’ve been gravitating to a lot lately for royalty-free music is FreePD. This is (another) of Kevin McLeods’ tracks, Compy Jazz.

What’s next?

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