Calcutta/Character Animation/Mayabono Biharini

Today is a double-video post of what I’ve uploaded over the weekend.
It’s broken into 3 elements:
Sayanti describing Calcutta housing, so that I can create an accurate representation in 3D, and some character animation of Moumita and her father, Mr. Basu dancing to Mayabono Biharini, a Rabindranath Tagore song, as a tribute for his birthday.

The characters were created in character building software, Makehuman, and features modified Makehuman community assets, exported as .fbx and imported into Blender – where I modified the file and exported to .fbx again – and imported them into Adobe’s free motion capture library Mixamo.

We had originally wanted to have Moumita in a saree: here we can see Sayantis’ edit that the arm is too short and needs to be more covered.
But when importing into Mixamo, it was unable to find the joints properly to be able to animate it.

One option was to import the model completely nude, and then apply the saree to the model, but this process took too long.
I tried to use a long dress, but had the same issue as before; this is why Moumita is wearing something uncharacteristically short in the video: for logistics.

Mr. Basu

Moumita and Will are now on Instagram!

I will be producing some content as well as Sayanti, who will manage the account for us (I personally don’t like using social media)



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