Building: Pearl Works

Not going to include any brands in this; I wanted to play with a few different styles. But first, a little breakdown of the model itself.

Colour picked the metal and brick, standard Armory Glass material for the window
The interior light an Emission texture (which distributes light) on a single face. At the moment, its parameter is low.

Mobile edit

Laptop died, and charging port is very finickity. That may be all for tonight…

The very next day…

Increased the intensity on the lighting, but I still don’t like the positioning of it, it’s too close to the window
Duplicated the roof face, brought it down a little and assigned an Emission texture to it to emanate light inside the entire building
Did the same thing with the floor, so that the floor of the building matches the exact shape of the building, and used an Array modifer to repeat it four times for the different floors.
Light is escaping out of the building through holes in the mesh.
For the porchway, it does give a satisfying effect

Being totally honest, I am really not keen on this model.
It’s ugly and feels like a bodge-job: the mesh is messy, and the topology around the doorway is all over the place.

I am pleased that I found a technique that works for ceiling lighting and floors though, so that’s something.

High sample, high resolution render.

Both the top and the bottom floors have lights on their ceiling.
For comparison, no lights have been added to the middle floors, but the light seeps through from the ceiling of the ground floor onto the first floor. Again, I’m OK with this for now.

Tried a more cartoonish texture for the grey and the brick colour.

The first floor looks as if it is made entirely of light, possibly because the Toon shader doesn’t absorb, bounce and disperse light in the same way a realism-based texture would.
Why would it? Its a cartoon texture!

Well, the sky’s a nice colour at least…
I still don’t like this model, and I’m thankful that tomorrow is a new day so I can start working on another building, and thinking about how to implement a controlled demolition into the storyline.

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