Armory Level Editing

Lately I’ve been back in the mind wanderings of an FPS, and decided to start from basics in an Armory level.

The map is based on the template Playground map available from Armory’s Github.
There’s a range of other genres on their armory_templates repository, enough to get you started on whatever game you’re looking to make.
Naturally I chose first-person.

I’ve built a new environment to run around, and used the same (or similar) settings for dynamic objects like the barrels and cans.
This map has basic tunnels, a layout and steps which take you up to different levels of the map, as well as a spinning rotor that affects collision objects, not as well as I’d expected – but ho-hum.

As mentioned before, I am distancing from the Sheffield FPS project: because we’re in troubled times as it is, and we don’t need dystopia attaching to a real place right now: so I’m inventing a world from scratch to escape to.

A follow on from my last, short video of a map I've been making up as I go along.
This is the second part, and is mostly screencast of how I'm building basic geometric shapes to block out where buildings and walkways would be, all to some cinematic, epic soundtrack background music.

Download the .blend file:


Yes, I copied and pasted the description from my YouTube video, and yes I feel awful about it for fobbing you off like that – but hell, I’ve written it once and I wrote it well: why do I have to write it again?


If you have the Armory addon for Blender installed, you should be able to press F5 and have the game compile and run in a 1280×720 window.
You can change this the same way you would if you wanted to change the dimensions of your render on the right hand panel.


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