Videos that I wish I knew what to do with

Colour analysis of some terrible low resolution video footage of lastnights Uber-Storm over Sheffield. Media had predicted a 2 month downfall of rain within a few hours. it was a very intense thunderstorm.

I’ve done some colour analysis so you can see a breakdown of the chaos within the clouds. Music: Actual thunderstorm ( and some weird unexplainable blips)

There’s a few seconds of some footage of an Assetto Corsa replay where I’d tried to replicate my friend Jme’s Volkswagen Polo – and _then_ the lightning.

Pubs I miss: The Barge:

I’d tried to grab some georeferenced data of The Barge in Grimsby, but it kept crashing. I sped it up and made it fit a dance track.

If you want to do that yourself, add your video footage and then your audio: divide the length (in frames) of your video file by the length (in frames) of your audio file, add a Speed Transform to your video, and set the multiply speed to what your calculator results in.

S3RL – The Bass & The Melody

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