Animating a portrait of myself with EbSynth

A quick video where I take a portrait of myself that my girlfriend drew and painted, and animate it with EbSynth.

Hello, this is the first video for a while, and I wanted to share a portrait of me that my girlfriend had painted, which I really like – it’s very Van Gogh.
I also wanted to show you how to quickly animate some video footage in the same style using a package called ebsynth.

The first thing you’ll need is some video footage.
I’ve tried to replicate the angle and basic shapes of the picture for the best effect when I come to animate it.
I import the footage into Blender, crop out any jumpy movement at the beginning and move my head around a little.

Once I have a short little clip, I’ll render them out as PNG.
For the sake of consistency, I’m going to render it at the same resolution as the original image, 1600×1474.
That might sound like a weird resolution, and it is – but I’ll scale it accordingly to fit in the video you’re watching now.

Once I have my frames all rendered in PNG, I’ll import them all into eBsynth in the Video section, and the single image into the Keyframes section.
Choose a directory, and Synth.
It might take a while, so I’ll pause the video here.

And voila.

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