Buildings: element [312,313,314] – Burner Security Laboratories

Image source: [thefan.uk wiki]

As I’ve decided to use my full creative element for element buildings, the first thing to do is work out what it will be used for.
I like the shape of this, it’s ominous enough looking for what a malevolent bio-engineering corporation would use – and can picture the back of the 312 block in high security fencing and perhaps covered in graffiti; I’m also considering a subtle dome over the gap between the buildings.

element.312 – Accommodation

element.313 – Laboratories

element.314 – Research


Added the floors and lift shaft of the Research building

Day 2

The Laboratories are at an angle and highly elevated from the ground; I will have to have a look in the real world how they match up.
The rear of the Accommodation building, with Burner Security branding
Added some grass and a pavement texture for staff and residents recreational area
An early attempt at the Research building; I want this to look distinctive, but fit Sheffield’s architecture.
A very low pass render, it almost looks like a painting
Research Building, made the pavement and grass look a little more realistic.

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