Update: Sheepit Renderfarm results

I’ve been quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve been working on a video in the background and not taken much time for modelling any new elements.
I’m quite excited to have been given permission to use a track by a very talented local musician, Skywatcher Music, who composes some beautiful music: I won’t say which one I’m using; will leave some aspect of surprise, but the one I have in mind captures the vibe and emotion perfectly.

I wanted to share some imagery of the frames I’ve had rendered with the the open source render-farm, Sheepit.

These may look familiar if you’ve been here before, and it may look as if I’m reusing images: I promise you I’m not, for the sake of the website – these are a quarter size of the actual frames, when we watch these frames joined together – they’ll be at 24 frames per second, to give the illusion of movement to our eyes.
I’ve also displayed them out of order so there are no spoilers for the actual video when it’s finished.

The unusual shape is of the images is because I’m experimenting with a screen resolution of 2580×1080, which is a 21:9 ultra-widescreen format, whereas most of the time when we see widescreen in HD, it’s 1920×1080, which is 16:9.

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