The Roebuck [Images]

Just a quick update, because it has been a couple of days.

There’s still a bit of work to do on this, but this weekend I’ve had a bit of a rest from it and got trashed on Friday night and Saturday morning, not going to lie.
Saturday daytime, I just could not get into it because of how delicate I felt, and Sunday my internet was down until I managed to fix it late at night.

The picture used on the front of the building is from the Whatpub website

The Roebuck

Replaced the window frames and sills with actual geometry and plain textures.
Windows are set to Armory Glass, so will show up as completely transparent in the viewport, renders and game engine.

For this building, I’ll need to:

  • Complete the roof
  • Bottom row of windows and doors
  • Additional building adjoined to the pub
  • The beer garden area
  • The sign hanging from the side of the building

At a later date, I’ll be modelling building interiors, but this will be another stage of the development process.

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