Splines for Roads

I specifically chose this track, because when I saw Run Logan Run in Sheffield last week, they honestly blew me away.

How a drummer and a Saxaphone player can evoke so much emotion is absolutely admirable.

In short, I’m using a spline system to map out the roads of the Sheffield level. Sheffield is not a flat city, so I had to find a way of matching the terrain for the roads, and I’d almost given up – but having a musical two-piece in the background, as the soundtrack to my creativity – I couldn’t help but not use them.

Bristol based Run Logan Run produce some absolutely amazing music, and their no-vocal music style really helped me think, to the point where I’d call their music medative.

I’ve seen an awful lot of bands in my time, and I’ve seen a lot of awful bands. Run Logan Run were not one of those awful bands; they were absolutely astounding live.

I wanted to use their powerful music for my latest update; I hope they don’t mind (or strike me!) but watching them inspired me so much, I wanted to make them a part of it.

I’m not affiliated or sponsored by them, but if you ever see them playing live near you; do yourself a favour and go see them.



If you’re an Unreal developer that would like to follow the tutorial I used, it’s ‘Unreal Engine 4 Guide – Spline component – road, pipe, railroad’ by ‘Tefel Dev’

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