Time Raider

A Time Raider is a rogue time-traveller, who specialise or wreak havoc and chaos with smuggling objects through time.
The term extends to those who steal precious artefacts from the distant past for archaeological or financial reasons, and there are those who meddle with the future. Usually, Raiders stick to one era; but it is not unknown for time tourists to visit many different eras.

Phil Mogwhat [O’Tkon]

A ringleader of many in different time-zones; Phil is a natural at adapting to different eras and keeping track of what’s happening.
Phil Mogwhat [O’Tkon] has been wanted for approximately 120 years.
Phil discharges electricity when he travels through time.

“Greenflame” [real name unknown]

Very little is known about this Time Raider; he is mischievous, a prankster. Known affiliate of O’Tkon.
Discharges a green flame when travelling time

Cora Bleach

As fearsome as she looks, Cora sports a bright pink mohican with a crust punk look and attitude. Cora is wild and unpredictable.
Cora discharges electomagnetic pulse when she travels through time.