Burner Security

Burner Security are a privately owned security company, who specialise in military grade bio-weaponry for the Human Army and the private sector.

Their CEO is the elusive Simon Burner, who has caused controversy with his affiliations with the military, in which he openly discussed supplying The Human Army with genetic-engineered supersoldiers who were only partially human, genetically spliced with animals.
While the animal hybrid soldiers were only designed to be used for combat, there was an oversight in which several batches of the soldiers were accidentally produced fertile; it took Burner Security just over a year to notice, and only came to light when an influx of births were reported all over the world: particularly in or around warzones their soldiers were deployed in.
The outbreak sparked a huge debate on their human rights, one that still goes on to this day. Burner Security , while they have funnelled money towards the families affected by their corporate mistake, they have accepted no real further responsiblities – and pass the buck to their clients,  The Human Army.