Building: Old Queens Head

This post will partially be about the Ground object, too – our retopologised mesh of the height map data, Terrain. I wrote about this previously, and will assume that you have read it.

Reference images

Source: The Old Queens Head

The building in the post is a firm favourite of mine, Old Queens Head.
It’s not as if the thought of doing the building hadn’t occurred to me before, but something in there inspired me:


Why not use these as reference images?
How apt that the reference images have an artistically constructed floor, on the very same building I began to construct the floor for our city on.

The ground in this scene is sunken slightly where the beer garden is.
I cannot sink my ground plane in such a way because the height map, Terrain will prevent me, because of it’s accurate topological data.
It cannot go that low without cutting a hole into it, which I’m not going to do.

So, I have to build everything around it, up because that direction isn’t locked.

I’ve added some materials from BlenderKit, which you can’t really see from this distance

Notice how the checker-board flows into what will be the right-hand entrance; this will allow for a smooth transition upon entering buildings.

Added in the second roof.
The Stucco texture on the white wall is now more visible, though I think I will tone it down a bit
Too modern for a building built in 1475 – but this works for the upper floors.

This looked too odd

Better, for now.

Added a door, I will align the checkerboard Ground object to the bottom of the door
Expanded the Ground some more

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