Building: Fultons Foods

The concept of ‘save the best till last’ is quite alien to me, this is why Fultons was one of the first buildings I had done, because as a starving artist, places that sell great value food hold a special place in my heart.

Fultons Foods on Haymarket

This is the first render, and I’ve blocked in the windows, the shop banner and some of the support pillar on the corner.
The dark patch to the right of the store is B&M, and will be added in later.

Immediately looking at this render, the things I need to change are:
– The banner has two different shades of blue, I need to set them all to the darker shade.
– The doors will need to be made to look more like doors than windows.
– Promotional posters in the windows.

What’s missing from this view is that either side of the building (Castlegate House) – there are two bridges, which allow (or at least did at one point in time) access to the upper floors.

I’ve worked on the upper floors of Castlegate house, and the dark grey area where B&M would be is actually about a storey higher, and the building to the left is a major Post Office.

I’m ambitious about bringing the bridges back into use, because they would offer a great vantage point of the area, and would be perfect for ducking and diving, but also aware that I am only one person, and to bring in the intense level of detail I envision would take an awfully long time.

For reference, here’s an image:

Source: acuitus.co.uk

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