I recreated a Commander Keen level in Blender

Commander Keen is a series of six side-scrolling platform games, and was primarily developed by id software in 1990.

The premise of the story is that you play as Commander Keen, the secret identity of 8-year old genius, Billy Blaze – and you have to defend the galaxy from alien attacks.

The first instalment is from Invasion of the Vorticons, and this is an attempt to model the layout of the first level in 3D, even to the point of decoding the signage from the Standard Galactic Alphabet, which Sheepit didn’t recognise – so the translations show on the last segment (a happy accident!)

I’ve not modelled any collectibles like the old-school Pepsi can, pizza slice, raygun, lollipop, book or the player and enemies, because I will set these up as actors within Unreal.

Background resources, true-type font and shareware version available from: http://legacy.3drealms.com/keen1/

South London Hi-Fi – Tock Time Warp Tick

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