Building: Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson, a public house on Arundel Street, known for its vibrancy.
The only UV mapped parts of this building are the doors and banner: the rest are plain colours picked from the reference image at the bottom right.

The windows are a generic glass texture I’ve been using for almost every building, this is so that any changes I make to the standard glass in the environment will affect every building at once.

I have done this deliberately, because I know that the game engine is very funny about transparent textures, and will refuse to compile if I don’t get it just right.

The buildings current UV map.

The UV map will later be expanded upon with brick textures, and promotional signage for the side of the building like chalkboards and banners.

This is an earlier render from before I’d mapped in the logo text and doors from the UV map above. The black ‘skirting board’ texture also needed a bit of work.

Blender’s Freestyle lines help to add perspective, a bit of a comicbook feel and help identify issues with the texturing of the mesh – it really helps with scenes like this, because if you know the area, it automatically looks familiar to you.

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