Asset: ADL Enviro 400 (Bus)

The ADL Enivro 400 – a bus I’m sure you’d recognise wherever in the UK (and perhaps, world) you live in.

For assets such as this, moving forward: I’ll place an explorable 3D model at the top – and below will be the development process.

Current model.

Development process

Incomplete progress render

This is by no means complete.
First, I will need to model as far as I can using symmetry on either side: on the side facing us, we have the door to the bus, and on the drivers side would be their cabin.

On the side facing away from us, there’s an emergency exit, too.
I will need to complete the back of the bus before applying the Mirror modifier and making the respective changes on each side.

Source: DWB Photos (Flickr)


Side view
Front view

To do:

  • Back section of the bus
  • Doors and windows
  • Bars on the top section
  • Wheels
  • Front portion of registration plate area
  • Headlights, indicators and rear lights
  • Display screen
  • Texturing
  • Interior of both floors
  • Front roof section
  • Wheel arches
  • Mirrors
Current progress before I take a break to eat
Added a floor
Added Windows; these are separate objects that I can turn off while editing the bus chassis
Added in the display.

I’ll have more work to do on this when the Mirror modifier is applied, and I can make changes to one side without it being duplicated on the other.

Day 2

Started work on the back of the bus
Added in rear lights on the upper and lower deck.
Added bonnet for the engine cover back window, and brought the back out a little more to add volume.
I’ve also turned off Freestyle rendering, so I can see the contours of the model a lot better

Day 3

Updates will be sparse or non-existent today, I’m taking a mental health day.

The wheels are on the bus, but they don’t go round and round yet.

I’ve added some basic colouring to make it look a little less plain, and to look more like a First bus: the orange sections are where advertising panels (and registration plates) will go.
This is as complete as it’s going to get today.

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