Now available on Github!

My project file (.blend) is now available on Github, feel free to download it and have a look around.
You’ll need to have git-lfs (Large File Support) installed because it’s bigger than the standard 50mb threshold, and will only get bigger!

Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to run from your command shell:
git clone to download the file, you’ll be able to open it in Blender as normal.
Alternatively, you can download the project as a zip file from the link above, or direct download from this website

You’ll need to have the Armory engine installed if you want to try and compile the game (which isn’t currently working) – but it’s not required if you just want to have a look around and render scenes and see how the file is organised.

Building: Winter Gardens

Firstly, thanks to Sticky Pearls for allowing me to use their track, Piano Song!

This is a quick modelling of the roof of The Winter Gardens in Sheffield.
I’ve yet to build the large wooden ribs, and have tried to capture the three-tiered shape of the glass.

In this video, there’ll also be some very rudimentary cropping of some textures for a collection pack I’m putting together for UK urban environments.

This will be a free, regularly updated release, and available here and github….at some point.