Robopsychosis – Cybermarket [Deforum Animation]

Step into the world of Cybermarket with Robopsychosis’ latest musical masterpiece.
As an audio architect, Robopsychosis expertly blends retro synth sounds with futuristic beats to create a truly unique and immersive experience.

Inspired by the iconic Blade Runner, the Cybermarket music video takes you on a journey through a bustling metropolis filled with neon lights, towering buildings, and advanced technology.

The expertly edited visuals perfectly complement Robopsychosis’ audio architecture, creating a fully realized cyberpunk universe that draws you in from the very first note.
Whether you’re a fan of Blade Runner or just a lover of cutting-edge music, Cybermarket is sure to transport you to a world of audio-visual wonder.

Check out Robopsychosis’s music at:

Robopsychosis – Tronic [Deforum Animation]

Robopsychosis dropped their new album on all your favourite music streaming services today, and I had made a video for one of the tracks, Tronic.
I’m proud to finally release this video to coincide with the release, and definitely think you should check them out on the link below.


Check out Robopsychosis at:

Axel Oliver x THEBOYWITHSPEC – Survive [Deforum Animation]

Unofficial anime-style music video for Axel Oliver x THEBOYWITHSPEC – Survive made in Deforum/Stable Diffusion.


Guide I used is by the awesome  @lewingtonn  :
If you want to make your own, I definitely recommend checking out his video


Song: Axel Oliver x THEBOYWITHSPEC – Survive [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
Free Download/Stream:

St. Pauls Tower [screencast/game asset]

To call this an Episode would be a tad unfair – there’s no dialogue per se, it’s a compilation of screencast segments where I’m making an attempt to texture one of the most icon buildings in the city center – with the tallest building there is.

I wanted to use the music from the end of my last video, in which we walked around the city a little – so in this video, I’ve used the whole song to show some screencast footage of building it, the clips aren’t really in any chronological order, more a stylised arrangement to the music.

Spoiler alert:
The video dramatically ends with an Armory error message fade to black.

Uniform receiveShadow not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.
Uniform envmapNumMipmaps not found.
Uniform receiveShadow not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.
Uniform lightProj not found.

As a chaos magickian who loosely holds a belief system which involves being your own God (or at least convincing myself I am during gnostic states): switching on the lights should be some day one shit.

In the last video (Episode 2), I was able to export the city to the Armory engine, but pardon the pun – it was very foggy.

Now, we have a Skylight, we need to tell the game engine which objects give out light, which receive light, and what objects cast and receive shadows – so it knows how to dynamically interact with it in our game environment.

Thanks for reading!

Music: David Guetta Ft Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over (Buzzby & Dane Robson Remix)
Big thanks to Dane for letting me use this track.